Two souls, One Destiny.

Two Souls, One Destiny was one of the first novels I wrote, the story is full of life, death and everything in-between. Two Souls, One Destiny is a coming of age story written in a poetic and fictional way that leaves you fulfilled and wanting more at the same time.

Two Souls, One Destiny synopsis;
“For Rose Quantum her special abilities have always seemed to be more of a curse, but after a fight with her mother and waking up to an empty house covered in blood, panic sets in and she runs from not only her home but herself. Dangerous and on the run she and her charming pet cat Pumpkin are all alone, until she discovers a young man named Rye Lever who shares the same curse. Her problems might seem chaotic now but what the universe has in store for these two is bigger than the both of them.”

Infected, Hope and Revolution.

Infected, Hope and Revolution are a three part series the are currently under construction that revolve around a post apocalyptic world. Unlike other great zombie novels this series focuses more on how society would rebuild, survive and thrive after an infectious break out has spread globally.