Worthless or worth it?
September 25, 2016
“Can we fix it?” “I’m not entirely sure”
October 4, 2016

I’m basically a superhero.

I have this ability that I like to think of as a superpower when it comes to plot points and figuring out a writers main twist. Very so often i’ll be watching a tv series/movie and half way through I have that “oooooohhhh” realisation about where the writer has taken it, or where it’s going to go. Sometimes I even spoil it for my partner without even thinking I’ll just lean over and be like “I bet you his going to turn out to be his dad” he gives me this look because we both know that I’ve just ruined it.





For me it’s like a secret win, i’m mentally celebrating the fact that I saw past the writers haze of distraction and figured it out before the rest. It also makes it harder for me as a writer, because I’m constantly aiming to write with a certain amount of suspense yet keep the audience informed of where I’m going with it, kinda like having a see-through blanket over their heads, so you can make out some of the picture but not all of it until removing it at the very end.

It does however have it’s disadvantages like every superpower does, I find it so hard these day’s to be blind sided with twist and movies/tv shows just don’t give me that “WTF” feeling anymore. Although recently I’ve been watching Mr Robot as I’m sure many of us have been, and that show has caught me off guard so many times, I am in awe of the creator/writer Sam Esmail, his mind is absolutely brilliant when it comes to keeping the audience blanketed. That man has some series talent when it comes to the art of distraction with his writing, and don’t worry there won’t be any spoilers from me but if you haven’t seen season two yet, get ready for some serious “WTF” feelings because you’ll be mentally saying it, a lot.


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