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Tips & Tricks to get the best out of online shopping.

I’m a huge online shopper but I’ve never really spent crazy amounts of money on clothing and I’m always looking for the best deal. A friend of mine recently asked me how I do it, so I thought I’d share my tips and tricks with you guys incase you’re like me and love online shopping but hate paying full price.

Tip1; Google reverse image.

That’s right, you remember that show Cat-fished that was on MTV where they would reverse search the image of the person they thought they were. Well it works for items you want to purchase too, a lot of online boutiques will buy things off of Amazon or cheaper websites like Alibaba and hike up the price to make it seem like a premium product, which sounds unfair, but if you’re not willing to spend the time to look for it cheaper then it’s a fair sale I believe. You can avoid paying the premium price for something by simply taking the photo of the item you want to purchase, reverse searching it and scrolling through to find the product for the cheapest price. I once almost bought a bag for $70 AUD but released I’d seen it somewhere else for like $20 AUD and spent a couple of minutes searching and found it for $15 AUD just by using this method.


Tip 2; Cheaper Alternatives.

As mentioned in tip number 1 boutiques will normally buy from places like Amazon and Alibaba, with those only being two of the many sites online that have the “Cheaper Alternatives” to the items your wanting to purchase. The issue with sites like these is that sometimes the item might not quite be exactly like you thought or maybe the material is slightly lesser quality then if you were to but it full price from an online boutique or in-store but there are ways to make sure you’re still getting great quality for less. I always make sure I check out the photos of the item in detail, zoom in and really inspect the item itself. If the material is good quality or if its going to hang off of me like a potato sack. Check for things like sheerness in the photo if you can see through it chances are its going to be a very light and almost barely there cheap fabric, the same goes for things like jumpers and jackets check to see if its a thicker or if it looks like a stretchy fabric or a stiff fabric. That way even if the item is extremely cheap you can still get more bang for your buck, the only problem with this is you’ll have to wait for your order. The cheaper the product the longer the delivery time.

Tip  3; Wait it out.

Instead of pouncing as soon as you find the item/items you want, wait, give it a week or even two and see if the item/items have gone on sale, If you’re already willing to wait for the extra long delivery periods then waiting an extra week for a better deal is always worth it. Boutiques and other global retail giants tend to run at least two promotions a week, usually on there slowest traffic days, this also applies to online business’s, they might have a low amount of traffic on a Wednesday and will run a 10%-20% off to grab the attention of previous customers. Signing up to some of your favourite boutiques is a good way of keeping up with this, they’ll usually send out an email to let their “loyalty or VIP” customers know.



Tip 4; coupon/discount codes. 

This is probably the most important part of online shopping, the discount codes/coupons. I have always been a huge user of online coupons and for years I spent hours searching and searching for discount codes/coupons that worked. I have never once purchased an item and not used a discount code of some kind. The best part about living in this day and age is theres basically an app/pluggin for what ever you need and long and behold there is for online shopping coupons/discount codes. Honey  is a browser pluggin that is extremely easy to install and noninvasive to the user. I could give you a step by step guide to how it works but I would just do it an injustice. Honey basically saves you money and gives you money where coupons/discount codes cant be found. The way it works is online credits that can be redeemed at other online boutiques that support the use of Honey.

So there you have it, a few steps to saving money when you shop online – What did you think of this weeks post? Have you used some of these tricks before? or do you have some of your own great online shoppers tips you’d love to share. Let us know by leaving a comment and don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list to stay updated when new blog posts come out.

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