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Proof Lil Miquela is not a robot!

If you’re a regular on Instagram then there is no way you could have missed the latest scandal involving a bunch of “CGI AI” Influencers. Notice I used quotations marks there, well that i’ll explain later. However if you did miss it here’s a snap shot of what happened.
Lil Miquela is your typical Instagram model/influencer, she’s got great style accompanied by her lavish lifestyle and her extremely shinny hair (I can almost smell the sugar bear hair care partnership). She is best known for her music and her incredibly photoshopped photos giving her an extremely pleasing and displeasing robotic feel to her. For quite some time there has been huge debated around whether or not she’s a real girl editing her photos or if she’s a robot .Then last week another less popular Instagram “CGI AI” known for her trump supporting; Bermuda decided to once and for all out Lil Miquela as the robot we all suspected she was.


That is of course if you believe that publicity stunt and like always I have my own conspiracy/ambers unwanted opinion, so I’ve done some research and I’ve pretty much cracked the case, well kinda, here are my reasons to believe that Lil Miquela is in fact neither a robot nor a real person but merely a huge publicity/art stunt created to disrupt the music industry.

Brud is owned by a music artist, that’s right, the company that is “responsible for the robots” is actually listed back to a music artist under the name of Trevor McFedries.  After doing some searching I was able to find a listing for the company on a site called Angel list, where companies can list jobs and other important pieces of information. The company is listed as a Los Angeles
Robotics · Artificial Intelligence company and the founder Trevor also has an outbound link to a wikipedia page for an artist known as Yung Skeeter. Now If you’re like me and you pay attention to detail you’ll notice that Yung Skeeter either hasn’t updated his wiki in a while or he has been pretty inactive when it comes to music making. Lil Miquela though joined the music space on youtube on Apr 1, 2016, around the same time she joined Instagram and what a coincidence the same time Brud became a registered company.

Lil Miquela is actually a man, on multiple occasions with Lil Miquelas older Instagram videos, ‘she’ would never actually feature herself or her voice on the film. However with everyone and their dog basically being internet FBI agents people where quick to back track to her exact locations and try and find footage of ‘her’ from another angle. A Youtuber James Charles pointed out in a video that he could actually see a man sitting exactly where Lil Miquela was filming from. Another Youtuber pointed out in her conspiracy video that if you slow down Lil miquelas voice just enough her vocals matched that of a male artist. Granted that this could just be because of the actual altering itself, but considering the company Brud is registered to the artist Yung Skeeter it is almost too coincidental.

Lastly the lack of news from the company that created the “Robot/AI” itself. When tech companies have breakthroughs like for example creating a robot that is self aware able to think/feel on its own normally that news is shared with the world. The weird part is we never heard a peep from Brud until the cyber hack happened, I mean there was world wide news coverage when everyone thought that computers would turn evil in the 2000s and that the world was going to end in 2012. This leads me to believe that there is no robot, no artificial intelligence that sings a loves fashion but merely a very long and well planned out publicity stunt by a music artist who wanted to push the limits and created a CGI of the ideal artist to continue to pursue music and disrupt the music industry. Trevor McFedries AKA Yung Skeeter might not even be the man behind Lil Miquela, he could potentially be working with a group of artist.. Or you can always go with the other conspiracies out there like that Shane Dawson is actually Lil Miquela.

Let us know what you thought about this Lil Miquela conspiracy — Do you think we finally cracked the code or do you have a better conspiracy or even some proof that she is in fact a robot  To stay updated with things you can subscribe to our mailing list and get notified when new articles come out.

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