10 Good things that happened in 2016.
December 29, 2016
Brace yourselves.
January 4, 2017

5 things we need to leave in 2016

To continue on from my last post, I figured it’s only appropriate to shine some light on the things that we need to leave  in 2016 and stay far far away from 2017. I think we should start of with the most trended and most ridiculous of all..


No. 1) The full face using only glitter challenge.

I consider glitter to be the herpes of arts and crafts after many years of working in a customer-service role that had bags with glitter all over the front of them. To this day I still find little pink bits of glitter in my clothing and I quit that job two years ago. I can only imagine the damage those little specks of demon dust leave behind after some poor beauty guru decides to endure such torture.



No. 2) Yeezys fashion label.

This isn’t a personal attack on Kayne at all, I actually admire slight personality traits he has. All I’m saying is if I wanted to look like I’ve just woken up, slept in my clothes from three years ago, that happen to be slightly damaged and falling apart. I could do all in a budget of around $5.


No. 3) The Hundred layers of what-ever challenge.
For the love of god people think of your poor pores.


No 4.) Inequality & Cultural appropriation.

Thats right people, the time is now to stop dividing everyone by their difference and repressing them. It’s also the time to stop wearing bindis at that stupid festival and wearing your hair in “boxer braids” the term is cornrows. You don’t look cute you look like an idiot.


And last but not least.

No. 5) Basically anything Donald trump and quite frankly himself.

It’s going to be very difficult to leave this giant cheeto man behind in 2016, but we can all hope for a miracle right?

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