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November 17, 2017
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December 20, 2017

West world season two spoilers!?

What in the (West)world!

This week is going to be another one of those “spoiler” riddled posts so *SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT* now that that’s out of the way lets get right on in. As always, I’m constantly watching new shows and in a way getting inspiration from writers work but Westworld has absolutely blown me out of the park (pun intended.)

The show was filled with so much depth and so many different layers to each episode that I’m sure if I rewatched it I would find new things each episode to obsess over. However I’m not here to spoil the whole show so without going over to much and analysing the whole show I’m just going to point out a few things that I noticed and that could potentially be the bases for season two.



The Maze;

Throughout the whole series theres mention of the maze, most of the host respond to the maze as if they are ‘unconsciously’ aware of its existence, each time William (the man in the black cowboy hat) questions a host on his adventure to find the maze, they respond with “The maze isn’t for you.” This is in reference to the fact that the maze is only designed for the host, as a way to almost jumpstart their consciousness. The maze was created by Arnold as a way for the host to become self aware.




We see this in Arnold’s designs, the drawing resembling that of a human brain and in the centre a tiny man representing ones conscious, the maze as explained by Ford was created with originally three layers but Ford added a forth in order to help the host reach the centre Arnold original layers were;

Memory – To give the host memories to learn from (even though ford constantly removed those memories which was a tad confusing) but it was to see how the host would react to the same situations over and over. To see if they would be able to recognise their surroundings and change the way their loops worked.

Improvisation – Because humans don’t follow a script they tend to deviate from the plan and improve most of their existence.

Self interest – because humans make decision to protect themselves.

But Ford later learned that a key factor to consciousness was that humans suffer, which he added to Arnold’s maze, having the host suffer over and over again until they finally reach the last layer in the maze, as we wittiness with Dolores when she had finally suffered enough times to complete the maze and become self aware. However, the maze seemed almost tailored to Dolores and Dolores only, she seemed to be the only Host who was constantly seeking out the maze throughout the whole story expect for one other character who seemed to be following her own maze which leads me to my next topic.




Maeve Millay;

Maeves character is a tricky one because throughout the series we start to thing Maeve has become self aware, waking herself up throughout her “sleep” pattern and making choices for herself, but last couple of episodes proved that to be false, after we learn that she’s not at all in control of her fate and in fact has been following a programmed script from Arnold the whole time Maeves character almost seems predictable, theres a scene in the basement with another Host Bernard (who’s designed to look and act like Arnold but thats not really relevant to this.) Bernard shows Maeve her activity log, her story line script which shows in actual fact she’s been following a script the hole time.





However with my gross attention to detail in that scene I noticed that her narrative was promoting her with “MAINLAND INFILTRAT” which was basically her prime driving force at this time as she wasn’t fully aware yet but the finale episode told a different story. Maeve is seen getting on the train after breaking out, but something switches, she’s driven by grief for a daughter she once had in another story line. So she gets off the train, indicating that she’s gone off script, that she’s finally become self aware, conscious like Dolores. I believe that Maeve and Dolores will come face to face sometime throughout season two and their awareness/consciousness will be have a huge impact on one another and helping the others to solve their mazes. 




Dr Ford;

From the very first encounter with Ford I knew he wasn’t as evil master mind as he was portrayed as, although he has a creepy god complex and almost child like with the host being his “Toys” we eventually find out that fords the one who has been working on the plan to help the host reach consciousness. Finishing what his partner originally started, ford himself has come full circle and realised that the Host aren’t just shells and can in fact reach a level of consciousness that makes them the next level in evolution.




Theres plenty of easter eggs out there about Ford and his ideologies but the one thing that I haven’t heard much about stems from this scene. The scene where Ford ordered Bernard to kill Teresa was so full of emotion that I didn’t even see what was in plan site, a Host being built, but not in the labs, in Ford and Arnold’s old remote diagnostics facility. Which has since been used as Ford secret place. At the end of episode ten we see Ford being shot by Dolores, just as she had done to Arnold but this time without being scripted or told too by her own free will. However I think Ford was creating a Host for himself to either live through or become, perhaps transferring his consciousness into the host.



Whether or not it was the real Ford who was shot I believe that we haven’t seen the last of Ford and his Host will definitely make a few cameos in season two, I think season two will uncover some more of Ford almost grotesques idea’s for the host, new main protagonist and will have all those things you’ve always enjoyed, surprises and violence. 


West world is a HBO original and is available to stream on Foxtel, don’t forget to subscribe to keep up to date with all my latest post and comment your fan theories.



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