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July 13, 2017
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Top Six Shows to Binge Watch for 2017

Binge Watch and Chill

Its been at-least over a whole month since I wrote anything and I wish I had some genius/inspiring reason as to why I haven’t blogged in a few weeks. Being the honest person that I am I just can’t bring myself to lie to you guys, the real reason is I’ve been binge watching Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu series.

I figured considering I’m a writer and I normally do “Amber reviews things” maybe I should start a thread of the top 6 series I’ve watched and do a typical Amber and review them so without further ado here is my top six Binge Watch and Chill list.


Number One;


Normally Jason Bateman gets the typical funny guy roles but this series is anything but that. Ozark is full of drugs, sex and money.. lots of it.  Jason’s character Marty is a financial planner and on the side money-launderer, what could possibly go wrong you ask? Well the Mexican drug cartel finds out about Marty’s shenanigans and force him to pay and extremely high debt. Marty basically relocates his family to absolute woop woop  (thats Australian for no mans lands) and starts his life over again as a full time angel investor.

Ozark made my list of top six because it had a very similar feel as House of Cards/Narcos style and acting, so if money and death is your thing then this is the series for you.




Number Two;

The OA

Although the ending of season one felt almost like the director decided to utilise those “contemporary” acting lessons that every person who’s every attended a acting class will know what I’m talking about. The OA was a series that took me by surprise, you couldn’t interpret what would happen next. The lead actress Brit Marling plays a character called Prairie Johnson who has been missing for 7 years, with not a sherd of information about her whereabouts.

Until one day Prairie walks home and greets her parents, only now she can see again, despite her character being completely blind before she vanished. After missing for seven years and returning home with the ability to see everyone is anxious to know where and why she was gone for so long. She selects only five people from the community to share her story with and the events of her life (and death) will blow your mind.

The OA might not be for everyone who can’t stand a little bit of cringe worthy moments where you think to yourself “is that really happening” and “what the hell is going on” moments but overall this series was totally worth the hours wasted on it.




Number Three;

The Handmaids Tale.

Get prepared to have your entire body fill with rage and absolute sheer terror while you watch this series. The Handmaids Tale is not for the faint hearted and those who have triggers such as domestic abuse and rape.

The show is based on the best-selling novel by Margaret Atwood where fertile women are treated as property and vessels from god for women who cant conceive. The series covers everything from genital mutilation the death of those who are considered to be “gender traitors”. Margarets dystopian world makes womens rights seem even more important after watching how easily the girls from Gilead had theirs taken away from them.

The handmaids tale is such an extraordinary experience and will make you blood boil as red as the robes the girls are forced to wear.





Number Four

Stranger Things.

I’m aware that Stranger Things isn’t a new series and don’t think that means I missed the original hype, I basically binge watched it for a second time.

When Joyce’s 12-year-old son, goes missing, she begins to lose her mind when no one believes her about the strange and almost paranormal events that start to unravel. As they search for answers a series of extraordinary mysteries involving secret government experiments, unnerving supernatural forces, and a very unusual little girl. After seeing season ones cliff hanger ending twice I think its safe to say that the anticipation leading up until season two is killing me much like the upside downs Demogorgon tries to kill will.

This series for some reason makes you want to buy a bike and ride off into the distance, blasting simple minds don’t you forget about me on a boom box, while you head to your best friends house for a tv tray dinner..


Number Five

American gods.

Lets be honest for those of you who know me, you all knew this was coming when it came to a review post like this. I mean I did basically review the whole season episode by episode (which you can watch here)

American gods blew me away with season one only being eight episodes long but the director certainly did the show justice in such a short amount of time.

It follows ex convict shadow moon just after his release from prison, heading back to the life he left behind to serve time for a con gone wrong, only when he returns home nothing is what it used to be and instead of coming home to a loving wife he comes home to a Norse god and a dead wife (literally).

The show is loosely based around the popular book by  Neil Gaiman, I use the word loosely because the show itself has steered away from the book already and with the announcement of the show being renewed for five more seasons and only one book out at this current moment I’m sure there’s going to be a lot in the show that wasn’t in the book.





Number Six

Start up.

Much like Ozark this series is full of crooked business men and death. The show doesn’t focus on one main character instead intertwining all of the characters stories together somewhere along the line.

Start up has a very similar feel as Mr Robot, without the crazy my dad is me kinda vibe. The show follows an unlikely group of collaborators in Miami who band together to develop a digital currency (much like the real-life Bitcoin, but with different principles).  As well as a FBI agent Phil Rask (Martin freeman) who operates without any regards for the safety of others. Martins character specialising in money laundering and ends up following the same corrupt path he aims to stop.

Start up is like a Narcos and Mr Robot on steroids constantly throwing you into the dark with each different twist.


So thats my top six binge watch and chill tv series, shows that you can just completely sit back and relax watching, expect for The Handmaids tale, that show will make anyone angry, expect maybe good old Donny Johny (Donald trump).

I write reviews and unwanted opinions but most importantly novels.

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