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October 18, 2017
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Top five scary movies to binge watch this halloween.



I’ve been debating whether or not to post another one of my top five *things* to watch and I figured since halloween is just around the corner and everything scares me why not do a top five scary movies to binge watch over this spoopy season. This list will contain some new and old, some absolutely terrifying sleep depriving horrors and some psychological thrillers that leave you questioning your existence. So hold onto your witches hats and get some popcorn ready because you’ll need some snacks.

Number one; Childs play 1, 2 & 3.

Theres nothing I hate more then possessed dolls and Chucky is no exception to that. I never understood what freaked me out about Chucky so much, whether it was the fact that he looked so innocent yet wanted to rip out your organs, or that he would hide in places and get you when you least expected it. The first three Childs play movies have a very nostalgic feeling too them as well as a comedic element. These are perfect for those of you who don’t want nightmares three days later but still want that scare factor.

I do wonder who would win in a fight between Chucky and Annabelle…




Number two; The Babadook.

Despite being turned into a internet mascot for the LGBT community, the babadook still scared the crap out of me, it even scared the crap out of The Exorcists director William Friedkin. This is one of those psychological thrillers I was talking about and without giving too much away, make sure you pay close attention because you’ll miss out on a huge plot point if you constantly check social media throughout the film.



Number three; The Evil Dead (bonus points if you watch Ash Vs Evil Dead. 

Evil dead is more of a comedic horror, released on 23 June 1983 the movie had such a low budget of only 350,000 USD. The films low budget it was made it so bad yet so great, the cheesy acting, the terrible special effects and the over the top drama made the Evil Dead such a success they ended up making fun of the movies themselves and creating a TV show, Ash vs Evil dead. So if you’re not to sold on scary movies but still want to feel festive, Evil dead is probably for you, it’s basically a halloween cult classic.

Plus Ash turns his hand into a freaking chainsaw arm, I mean who wouldn’t wanna see that…




Number Four; Drag me to hell.

When I was in high school, most of my close group would go around saying “give me your tears Gypsy” as a joke to one another. Well after this movie I never dared to say it again, this movie provoked so much fear in me the word Gypsy fell out of my vocabulary, even writing the word makes me feel dirty.
Drag me to hell was tremendously terrifying and yet funny at times. It’s no surprise that Drag me to hell was terrifying, coming from director and writer Sam Raimi, who also directed and wrote The evil dead and directed the Grudge. This movie was bound to be scary and it delivers.

*Disclosure* If you have an issue with germs this movie will probably be extra terrifying for you. 





Number Five; Pet cemetery.

Last but not least it wouldn’t be a halloween horror movie list without at least one Stephen King cult classic but considering IT just got a remake and everyone has forgotten about this gem allow me to bring back Pet cemetery one of the saddest horror movies I had even seen. Filled with mixed emotions Pet cemetery was a thrill from start to finish, even though it’s had some bad reviews pet cemetery makes my list because of that nostalgic feeling and terrifying tale it tells. Gage was like the real life Good guy doll before they were a thing.

I also wonder who would win in a fight between Gage and Chucky… 

So thats it for my top five scary movies too watch while the lovely month of October is upon us, don’t forget to like or share this article around so your friends can enjoy them too, and subscribe to stay updated whenever I post new things.


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