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August 8, 2018
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September 17, 2018

The Bachelor VS Unreal.

I told myself last time I wrote on the topic of reality TV that it would be my first and last time… however that was before I binged watched Unreal on Stan. Unreal is like the behind the scene version of the bachelor and quite frankly feels more like a documentary.


“but Amber, why are you only just now writing another bachelor related post?”


Well my friends, this years season of The Bachelor feels all to similar to Unreal and after seeing the things from the perspective I have, I cannot un-see them.

Nick (Honey Badger) Cummins isn’t the “Typical” Bachelor, I use quotations marks here to indicate sarcasm so just bare with me, The Honey Badger is a former Australian professional rugby union player living in Sydney. He played for the Western Force in Super Rugby and for Coca-Cola Red Sparks in the Japanese Top League.



So it’s seems Nick is on the journey of a lifetime to find the love of his life right? Wrong! My theory after streaming Unreal is that Nick (Honey Badger) Cummins is playing the game or being played by the game that is. Unreal is a behind the scenes version of The Bachelor, showing us the dirty, grimy, deceitful and just plan chaotic behaviour that the producers and show runners will go to. In order to have each season filled with the most seat gripping drama you’ve ever seen, and trust me its gripping.



Of course our sessions of The Bachelor have never really contained large amounts of violence or drugs or the more extreme, death, the show does always have a tendency to feel scripted. Yet you can’t write a script for reality tv, or so they would have you think, the producers of the show are hired specifically to produce quality content for a successful season. One that has great ratings and that keeps you watching till the very end, and how do you do that with an unscripted, unpredictable and very hard to gauge show. Unless you script the show without the reality stars being fully aware, then you have an absolutely drama filled, fake, ratings galore at your finger tips.


“I already thought of that but how do you know for sure the show is a fake?”


I don’t have exact proof but I do have an article written by Punkee from an interview they had with this seasons “Mean Girls” which pointed out something that might just be the proof that I need. The seasons mean girls all abruptly left the house in one “Mass Shock Rose Ceremony” that no one saw coming, except the girls.


Unreal also has a tactic like this, their fictional story board, where each girl is branded a character. There’s the wifey, who ultimately wins the season, the bitches, the weird ones, the ones as fillers and the stage five clinger. Something that was happening way before Sophie Monks season of The Bachelorette, sorry Jarred, but Ally (Australia’s next Bachelorette) did that first in Tims season.

So what do you think, do you think that The Bachelor is a load Honey Badger shit or Do you swoon over each seasons “Happily ever after” before they eventually break up. Let us know what you think about this or if you have your own proof that The Bachelor is faker then Kylie Jenners over “lined lips” from 2014. – To stay updated with new posts you can subscribe to our mailing list and get notified when new articles come out.

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