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The Sinner; Is season two even possible?


Now if you haven’t already seen The Sinner which is undoubtably one of the best psychological tv show thrillers I’ve seen all year then I would highly recommend it, but before I continue on for those of you who haven’t I must say *SPOILER ALRET SPOILER ALERT*. Now that’s out of the way, the show is based off of the 1999 novel by Petra Hammesfahr and the show certainly lived up to the disturbing expectations of the book. The Sinner is full of twist and turns, and just when you think you’ve figured it out, it throws you around 180 degrees and you’re left thinking what the hell just happened. However I’m not here to give you a complete synopsis of season one I’m here to talk about season two, and if they can actually bring it back for a second season.

Cora Tannetti played by Jessica Biel is your typical modern day mother and partner, however she’s deeply trouble by both her upbringing and some extremely dark events that took place in her life before motherhood, triggered by her past she acts out in an emotional fit of rage and commits murder in the first degree, so season one follows Cora Tannetti’s undoing, trying to dig up her past and solve the question of ‘Why?’ rather than other psychological thrillers like Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl which are solely based around the ‘Who?’.

The end of season one tied everything together, for Cora Tannetti and her family, so there’s been a lot of debate around whether or not the show could even continue on for a second season. When the show was first released it labelled both a ‘Limited series’ and an anthology, because of course by the end of season one we were going to have a resolution, Cora’s story would be solved and the audience would be left feeling fulfilled. However like most of my ‘Amber Reviews Things’ I have a theory, of course the show will cameo Cora in a few episodes but I believe that The next season of The Sinner will be about the detective that helped prove Cora’s history was her undoing.

In the first Episode when we meet Detective Harry Ambrose, he’s sat inside his car watching a women through binoculars, my first assumptions are “He’s on a case” or that perhaps he was in fact some kind of creeper himself, however there’s one minor detail, his nails are bruised. We later learn that Harry’s character is into some BDSM and a bit of Sadism, which is the reason for his bruised nails, what we don’t learn is the magical ‘Why?’ that the show so heavily revolves around. Harry bond’s with Cora in a way only another victim or someone with a traumatic experience could. He has an understanding of her emotions and why she acted the way she did, and in the season finale episode the writer and director placed a very similar cameo scene of Harry sat back in his Car and the bruised nails, almost as if now that he’s helped someone else with their deep dark past that his needs to address his own trauma.

The biggest concerns are around Jessica Biel returning to season two of The Sinner and a lot of focus on how her character would even play a role in season two but if you shift your focus from Cora to Harry you could easily place her and a companion on Harry’s journey to uncover and address his dark secrets, so my theory is season two will be a lot more sadistic than season one was and quite possible might even have an unsolved murder or two.

The Sinner is a Netflix original series that is available in most countries for streaming.

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