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Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Best Glitch.

Rockstars, Red Dead Redemption 2 beta released about a month ago, of course naturally people discover glitches that allow them to cheat and max out their XP points or even gain more money than other players. However, there’s one glitch that almost when undetected until I found the box.

We all know that glitches in games can be entertaining, some might even help you level up quicker. Some glitches might even be an annoyance if you’re playing a multiplayer game and someone is camping. Yet no one ever talks about the glitches that serve absolutely no purpose, until now.



In a little town, called tumbleweed, near the edge of the map is a gunshop. Just a regular ol’ gunshop.. or so it seems. Every shop has an entrance and an exit, yet this shop has only an entrance and a gap in the space-time continuum. Upon exiting the store from the back door the floor falls out from underneath your feet and you enter a space only known as the box. The box is the empty store no walls and completely see-through, however, no one can see in. The box glitch serves absolutely no purpose, does not allow you to kill your enemies from an advantage point it simply allows you to hang out.

The best part of the box is if you crouch down and slink your way back through the door, you end up in the floor, this is also known as floor sharking.

Rockstars, Red Dead Redemption 2 is still only in its beta phase and no doubt the box will eventually be patched. So while it’s still available for your gaming pleasure be sure to check out the box.

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