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May 9, 2018
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June 7, 2018

Let’s Talk; 13 Reasons Why Season 2 Finale

Did this season of 13 Reasons Why make you miss the good old days. The days when you’d just get a simple tape with your name attached to a number..
After Season 1 of 13 Reasons Why I wrote a speculation post about season 2 possibly focusing on a school shooting, but this weeks post is going to dive into the reasons that 13 Reasons Why decided to avoid that conversational topic on this season.

Season 2 had us questioning the ‘Who’ ‘Why’ and ‘What’ in comparison to season 1 which was solely focused on the ‘Why’.
Why did Hannah do what she did? 
Why was She so sad?
Why were certain people on the tapes?
However Season 2 was filled with anonymity and had us questions ‘Who’, ‘Why’ and ‘What’, Throughout the whole series.
Who is sending Clay the Polaroids and why now?
Why is Clay seeing Hannahs ‘ghost’; I use the term ghost lightly because our personal speculations here are that its more clays way of rationalising and dealing with Hannahs death.
What does it mean if clay is talking to his dead bestfriend? 

However those things aside this season was extremely focused on Tylers character development into the ‘typical shooter’. Some of you might be thinking “but he barely got that much screen time,” or “His story was more of a distraction.” Which I would agree with. There was just something a little bit rushed with his story that lead me to speculate that the writers and directors potentially changed Tylers outcome for the Season 2 finale.


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Almost like a “how can we rush this along so Tyler has a reason two do what we want his character to do” vibe. Tyler already had enough ammunition to shoot up the school without the brutal mutilation on his body. There isn’t always a horrific experience attached to someone who could or has shot up a school, the stress of everything else could have been the final straw to break the camels back and he could have snapped at just about anything else but here’s why he didn’t.

With the most current issue in America at the moment being  gun violence and you guessed it the insane amount of school shootings, I believe they decided to avoid that topic even though it was their original plan. It would almost be too close to home and could potentially cause more harm then good in the sense of a somewhat educational TV series. They choose to give Tyler a reason for his extreme outburst of violence to make it more palatable for the audience. We instantly become more empathetic to his character because we understand why he was planning to do it.

In the reverse it would have been hard to connect with his character and comprehend why he was going to do it, which would have made it a lot harder for the show to turn it into a ‘learning’ moment. I believe in season 3 Tyler will obviously go through some kind of psychiatric evaluation and get the help that he needs in order to move through the trauma. Which will be the last we ever see of a school shooting from 13 reasons why, I don’t think that is a subject that they want to touch on much visually instead more logically.

So fellow 13 Reason Why fans, What do you think about the season finale? — Did you expect Tyler to carry out his plan or did you see the show moving away from that topic? Let us know what you think and leave a comment.
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