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Game of Thrones Season 8 spoilers.

Why Cersei becoming the night queen actually makes sense.

Every king needs his queen.


For those of you who don’t live under rock and are all aboard the game of thrones train you probably binge watched the series being only seven episodes long and thought to yourself…



If you didn’t manage to keep up with the latest episodes from GoT you should stop what you’re doing right now and click away,  just kidding keep reading but prepare yourself to be spoiled and have your mind blown at the same time.
I can probably guess that you’ve seen the millions of theory or “speculation” about season eight and what it means for the final season of GoT.

“Will Jon and daenerys have a child, and will he rule the seven kingdoms?”

“Is Bran Stark the night king?”

“Will Cersei become the night queen?”


Wait.. let’s just go back to that last one..
Cersei the night queen almost sounds like a bad pun… however throughout the whole series I had the same chilling (get it ice pun..) feeling that Cersei was becoming even colder (haha get it) this season.

So without spoiling the whole series I’ll just touch base on the final episode of season seven. Where we see Sir Jamie on his horse about to leave after Cersei basically threatens his life. I assume Jamie is on his way to join forces with Jon snow and Daenerys and stay honest to his oath to help defeat the white walkers. As he rides off into the distance it starts to snow, letting us know that winter has finally come and the army of the dead has officially broken through the wall.

Now that we’re up to date and refreshed we can finally get into the speculation. So Cersei throughout this season has become more and more power hungry completely desensitised to torturous activities and almost enjoys it. She wants to be feared, she wants to rule the seven kingdoms for as long as she can, and she won’t let anyone stop her.
So it’s no secret that Cersei has basically lost her mind and is one season away from being labelled a psychopath.

But let’s just reiterate on a part of that last bit for a second there though, ‘she wants to be feared’…
After witnessing the way the others reacted to the white walkers and the tales of the night king who would you say is in fact the most feared person/entity in the whole GoT realm. That’s right my friends the night king himself.

Cersei has already lost everything at this point, both her brothers have left her to serve another queen, she may or may not live to give birth to her child and she’s already lost her other children, So at this point Cersei really has nothing to lose, only something to gain.

This theory is also backed up slightly by the GoT series teaser that was realised earlier this year where we see Cersei sitting on the iron throne before breathing out a cloud of cold air followed by the night kings frozen blue eye.



Whether or not this was more of a play on the whole “winter is here” thing or it was an indication of Cersei becoming cold hearted (literally) I’ll leave that up to your discretion.

However I feel like at this point her only option is to “Bend the knee” as the great Khaleesi would say and serve another queen, which judging by the direction her character has gone in is highly unlikely.

However my theory is she will join forces with most feared of all either by offering herself to the night king, perhaps she dies due to early labour or by a valonqar murdering her, like the prophecy from Maggy states, either way it plays out I still see Cersei becoming the night queen and Westeros having the battle of a lifetime.

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