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January 8, 2018
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The End of The F***ing World Season Two Spoilers!?

The End Of The F***ing World was everything I expected it to be and so much more, from start to finish I was in hysterics, The End Of The F***ing World is sort of like your typical coming of age story with a really comedic and extremely sad twist, if you haven’t already seen Season One I suggest streaming it on Netflix and then coming back to this post for your dose of season two potential spoilers. If you have watched Season One then you’ve probably heard a whole lot of speculation lately about how Netflix will continue on with the extremely popular The End Of The F***ing World, or if they even should bring it back for a Second Season because the first was such a success it could potentially ruin the master piece by trying to squeeze out more. However I have you covered as usual with a few speculations about the potential directions they can take for season two.

Scenario one;
Something that many writers/directors will do in order to allow them to reopen a series or movie is end with an abrupt ending that leaves you questioning what actually happened, and that is exactly what The End Of The F***ing World did. In the finale episode we see James awkwardly running away from the police with a shot gun in his hand and we hear a gun shot before the screen snaps to black. This is the directors way of allowing you to think James has been shot and potentially killed. However the bullet could have barely grazed or hit him in a body part that causes him to fall unconscious and Season Two would follow the two troublesome teens through their survival of their incarceration.

Scenario Two;
James is dead and Alyssa is obviously alive but she was an accessory to murder in a way, so Season Two could potentially follow Alyssa through her incarceration on her own with her comedic commentary, they could easily add a few other characters along the way that allow Alyssa’s character to go through some trials of her own again, like meeting her potential jail cell mates, or because she’s still a juvenile perhaps she gets off with only a certain amount of community service and instead we follow Alyssa through a very mundane life style which is obviously not enough for Alyssa so she might act out alone.

Or Scenario Three;
Netflix doesn’t continue on the story at all, thats right, I said it. Netflix might decide to leave the epic series alone which in some ways is a smart move. When a series does so well with the first season there’s always extremely high expectations for season two, and unless James survives the gunshot the season might not be the same without Alyssa and Jame’s extremely weird way of flirting with one another. There was a lot of unanswered questions left throughout Season One that make me lean more towards Netflix continuing on the series. Like what actually happened to Jame’s hand, What happened to Alyssa to make her hate her step dad so much and was there potential for a very creepy back story with him. The scene where she was in the kitchen and he handed her a beer he placed his hand on her back, there was a very stagnant feeling to the scene. What will happen with the man they murdered and his murder victims, will Alyssa and James potentially get off their charges because they killed a killer?

Netflix hasn’t yet released any information about Season Two other then the fact that Season One which is loosely based around the comics was supposed to have a much darker ending where after the fade to black, we catch up with Alyssa’s mother as she’s on the phone to someone, talking about how she knew James “was trash when I first met him” and that she should have stopped him taking Alyssa away. “I mean, thank God she is home safe and sound,” she adds. We then see Alyssa upset in her room as she takes a nail, runs it through a candle flame and begins to carve “JAMES” into her left arm.

We can see why Netflix only loosely based it around the comics because the original ending didn’t really leave us open for more Alyssa and James time, Let us know what you think about this news —Do you think the show can continue on or will Netflix leave The End Of The F***ing World a one hit wonder? To stay updated  you can subscribe to our mailing list and get notified when new articles come out.

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