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September 11, 2017
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September 20, 2017

Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed in IT

Hidden easter eggs from the 2017 remake of Steven kings IT that you might’ve missed.


A whole lotta nope.

Coulrophobic goes to see a movie about a killer clown,  IT sounds like the bad intro to a joke but instead it’s the bad intro into an Amber reviews things. Before we get started with the easter eggs that I managed to catch a glimpse of from the 2017 remake of IT, I would like to advise you that this post does include some spoilers. so *SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT*. Well then now that that’s out of the way allow me to burst your balloon (pun intended) with some of these hidden easter eggs.


Tim Curry as the original Pennywise

One of my favourite easter egg that I noticed wasn’t until later into the movie but one that I was hoping they would pay homage to eventually and that was the famous “Beep Beep Richie” quote. Richie’s Character from the original was known for his smart mouthed comments and getting himself into trouble because of it. The gang would say “Beep Beep Richie” to let him know he was going to far or being to loud. The remake still had a very well portrayed smart mouthed, sarcastic Richie, however instead of saying “Beep Beep” in the remake they basically told him to shut up. When remake Richie has his alone encounter with Pennywise, Pennywise eerily quotes the original saying to him before going all killer clown on him.




Original pennywise clown doll

My second favourite was also with remake Richie and his one on one encounter with Pennywise, In the old burnt down house that they visit to try and destroy pennywise, Richie gets locked in a room full of clowns. Not real clowns, just dolls, although I was expecting for them to come alive and jump at him but thankfully that didn’t happen. In the room full of puppet clowns if you look over to your left you can actually see an Original Pennywise doll.




 Iconic shower scene from the 1990 IT. This scene ruined the shower drains for me.

The most obvious easter egg of all would be the year of the remakes release. Pennywise only comes out of the sewers every 27 years to feed on the fear of children and then hibernates for another 27 years. Well the miniseries was released on the 18 November 1990 and this year marks the rude awaking of Pennywise. I most definitely think it was genius of the creators to release it exactly 27 years after the original. Its add’s to the scare factor of Pennywise being real.




Missing its horn and bell, could it still be the original.

Another homage to the main story is Bill Denbroughs bike, Silver, Bills bond with his bike was extremely important in the original story, He dangerously rode downhill on main street to save his friend Eddie’s life after his asthma closed his lungs. In the remake we see multiple camera shots of  remake Bills bike, almost dropping little hints that Silver is still important but not nearly as important as in the miniseries or book. It’s yet to be confirmed but speculation is that they used an almost identical match to the 1990 Silver in the remake.



Pennywise more like Penny why? am I right.

The origins of pennywise and his dark past, the remake hints a number of times of the dark and twisted history of Pennywise’s killings, however in one particular scene, where remake Ben and the losers club are sitting in an alleyway waiting for medical supplies. If you focus your attention away from the loud mouthed remake Richie and look at the mural on the wall behind them, you’ll see a painted newspaper clipping with the head line “Famous Gang Member” “Shot in street, two dead, seriously injured.” and if you look even closer you’ll see a painted Pennywise face right next to Stanley.


Those are just a few of the Easter eggs/references I noticed in the movie when I wasn’t hiding behind my hands or closing my eyes. Lets face it 1990 Pennywise was scary enough, they didn’t have to go adding extra teeth in there too.

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