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Bacherlorette finale spoiler?


 I told myself when I started watching this years Bachelorette that I wouldn’t do an Amber reviews things, but awaiting tonights episode I can no longer keep that promise to myself and instead, I’m doing it.

Within the first episode of this seasons bachelorette I almost couldn’t watch because I was cringing so hard every time someone even mentioned that they were “Here for the right reasons”.  However now that we’re a few episodes in and I’ve emotionally invested myself in someone’s love life things have changed and its only a few episodes until Sophie reveals who has stolen her heart, theres a few things I’ve noticed that might actually spoil who that man is.

We’re down to just five now and that means home visits is around the corner, other articles already pointed out the fact that some of our bachelors are known for spoiling or jumping the gun when it comes to announcements. As well as every social media blog (myself included) speculating and playing the typical “I heard from a family friends mums brothers uncle” that she ends up with Hotel heir Stu Laundy.

But speaking of social media, one of the unlucky bachelors posted on Instragam about two weeks ago and only now is it circling that in might in fact have spoiled the whole season.

When your crews on point! Where is @stulaundy44 #atstuspub #bacheloretteau

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In the comments the boys chat amongst themselves, one comment however stands out to me is this;

“Where is @stulaundy44 #atstuspub,” Ryan captioned his photo.

Stu replied in the comments: “Love ya boys!! Daddy duty sorry.”

You’re probably thinking “But thats old news” but wait theres more, Theres been news rumouring around now that Stu had a vasectomy. Stu, who already has four children to his first wife, told TV Week that he underwent the procedure, which prevents men from being able to have kids.

“I love kids more than life itself,” Stu said. “I was married and had four beautiful kids and then I had a vasectomy.” 

However, Stu has also said that he isn’t opposed to having the surgery reversed – for the right woman, that is.

“You can get them reversed obviously and I would easily go there if the situation arose,” he continued. 

The conversation topic has yet to be brought up with our bachelorette Sophie, who has been open about wanting to have children and get married and we’re about to have those heartwarming and tear jerking home visits, so this could be the right opportunity for our rumoured winner to open up.

This will obviously lead to an extremely romantic close up of Stu and Sophie, the lights twinkling around them, champagne magically already poured which neither of them will drink completely (what a waste) and he’ll say something along the lines of

“I’ve always said if the right women came along I could reverse it, and you Sophie would be the right women”

Which will follow with a passionate kiss that Stu talks through again, or perhaps this time he’ll be speechless.

Now I’ll just drag you back up to that Instagram conversation for one more second…

“Where is @stulaundy44 #atstuspub,” Ryan captioned his photo.

Stu replied in the comments: “Love ya boys!! Daddy duty sorry.”

For someone who’s kids are already quite grown could this mean that baby number five is on the way.. which would explain why Sophie is hiding, to try and stay out of the paparazzi’s way incase any thing starts to show?.

Which could mean that Stu Laundy is really her man or you never know perhaps she’s really into jarred and his almost frightening intense personality. I mean after everything Jarred and his plant have been through, it’s finally growing…

Just don’t let her know you sniffed the soil if you win…..


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