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April 27, 2018
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American Gods Season 2 first look

That’s right, with the news dropping last week of American Gods Season 2 finally in production, the god squad haven’t held back with their updates. With the eight-episode long second season premiere directed by Hannibal and Star Trek Discovery, Chris Byrne, expected to air in 2019, as Ricky Whittle says in the BTS clip.


So with all these updates from the current members of the God Squad what does that mean for our beloved Media and Easter?
Well rumour has it their searching for a 20-something, to play the series-regular part, which will symbolises the role of social media in a more modern American style, the same way that Gillian Anderson’s Media represented television and pop culture in Season 1. This could even see cameos of television streaming platforms as a way of worship for the new god.

As for Easter, back in February following some initial uncertainties, the American Gods star Kristin Chenoweth has taken a new NBC role that spells out “Not returning” for Season 2 of the Starz drama. However their has been no updates in regards to filling her role or even trying to recast. This could potentially mean that season two might only have a small cameo of our beloved Kristin before her character makes an exit for good.

As for some American Gods  Season 2 spoilers, updates from Yetide badaki (Bilquis) and Bruce Langley (Technical Boy) drop slight hints surrounding the war itself and who is on who’s side. Season two has already rumoured about a musical number between Shadow and Biliqus, but we still don’t know who is on the original God Squad vs the wanna be God Squad and with Easter rumoured to be off the squad that means the old gods are down a whole lotta worship.

So fellow American Gods fan, Let us know what you think about this news — Which side of the war are you on? And who would you love to see casted as Easter and the Media?
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