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September 13, 2017
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October 2, 2017

5 more things I hate about adulting.

Adulting sucks and here’s a list of reasons why pt 2.


If you enjoyed part one of my list of complaints about adulting then do I have a surprise for you because as the ageing process is never ending so too is my list of complaints, so allow me to share with you five more things I hate about adulting.

Number 1;
Tax time.

Most people enjoy tax time, it marks the end of a financial year and depending on your circumstances could be potentially be like early Christmas if you get a nice return. However I don’t know if I speak for just myself or other young adults but tax time seems to be riddled with anxiety and avoidance. Even If I know I’ve paid more then enough tax and can expect to get money back from actually going and doing my tax, I still seem to have this fear that I haven’t and I will in fact go to tax jail. Irrational I know, but every year so far I’ve found myself avoiding the responsibility until last minute.

‘Shut up and take my money’




Number 2;
Food shopping.

Did you ever complain as a kid that there was nothing good to eat in the fridge and then your parents would be like “Yes there is eat a piece of fruit” and you’d complain or throw a tantrum because you most definitely didn’t want a piece of fruit. Well as an adult the contents of your fridge is up to you, however this not a pro about adulting, it means you have to go out in public and select said contents yourself. As I mentioned in part one, food shopping is always entertaining for me due to my childish looks and height, I’m 5’1 and can’t reach anything higher then maybe 5’2 and guess what, all of the shelves are made for Yetis. One time I almost got locked in the freezer section because I had to step into the fridge and stand on the ledge to reach the butter.

‘I’ll take that piece of fruit now. ‘








Number 3;

Trying to make friends and trying to keep up with the friends that you already have gets harder as you get older and I most definitely hate it. Trying to make new friends seemed to be easier as teenagers, it was all down to a very simple equation.

Find said person you want to be friends with + Something you have in common = congratulations you’ve made a friend. 

Now theres so much more “algebra” adding into the equation and none of it makes any sense to me, not to mention trying to find a time to see your old friends is like trying to figure out time travel.

Conversation between two friends in todays society.

“I can do Tuesday in four-weeks time for an hour and a half.” 

“I can only do Saturday next year” 









Number 4; 
Eating right.

This one is basically like a cousin complaint of number two, having to do my own shopping also means the little sugar gremlin that lives inside me can chose what ever candy/junk food it wants and no one can tell me I can’t eat it, because well I’m an adult.

‘Self control? never heard of that, never tasted that, never smelled that…’ 








Number 5; 

This one is like the prehistoric cousin of number one from part 1 but still fills me with unwarranted ickiness every time I get a letter. Perhaps its because I’ve associated letters with bills and bills are stressful, what ever the reason every time I hear the postman drive by and slot a letter in the letter box a part of my soul crumbles away.

‘Oh how I do love Sundays.’



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